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Reasons Why You Should Embrace Business Apps to Save You Time and Money for Your Company

Our phones may have changed since the seventies, but many businesses haven’t changed the way they collect data. As a busy business, we understand that change isn’t easy. Here are five reasons to make the change:

1.  Save Money, Lots of it.

Not only do business apps save you from spending an arm and a leg buying paper, toner. They also save you money by preventing everyday errors, like forgetting to fill out a form at a jobsite, illegible handwriting or losing a form.

Bottom line: the average Canvas subscriber saves more than €2,800 per year!

2. Apps Fitting your Every Need

Anything you can do with paper forms, you can do with mobile apps—only better. Data collection methods ranging from checkboxes to fill-in-the-blank, and even drop-down menus—all with no potential for sloppy customer handwriting to invalidate the data.
Whether you’re a construction foreman, a teacher, or a doctor, apps can make your life easier. You can also customize apps to your company’s specific needs. Plus you can do even more than before. Take pictures, capture your location using GPS, read barcodes, and even pay with your credit card. Let’s see paper try that!   

3. Goodbye Filing Cabinets, Hello Cloud

Filing cabinets?  Stay where you belong: in the past. Stop the headaches from sorting files; End the time lost in searching through records for customer information. When your data is in the cloud, finding documents happens in seconds, not hours.  Think of the amount of space you will save in the workplace by getting rid of filing cabinets.

4. Prevent Errors and Improve your Customers' Satisfaction

Ever had to resubmit paperwork to customers, suppliers or partners? Have you ever had to print out paperwork, fill it out, scan it, and then email it? I’m tired just thinking about it.  Business apps prevent all these unnecessary processes that drive both you and your customers crazy.

5. Transform your company into a lean mean competitive machine.

The time is right to embrace business apps. Today, you have to compete in a global marketplace, and business apps will equip you to be as competitive possible. That’s why everyone from sole proprietorships to multi-billion dollar corporations count on business apps everyday.  Embrace the future, embrace seamless data mastery, and embrace apps for your business.

Health & Safety Apps

Louth-based Health and Safety expert Ciaran Reid Safety Ltd. has teamed up with US mobile apps specialist Canvas to provide safety apps for companies and organisations on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as across the globe. The new safety apps will not only save time, money and lives but will also help create jobs in Ireland in the next number of years.
The first of their kind in Ireland, these safety apps allow for more efficient and cost effective health and safety routine tasks to be performed. Automated paper-based safety audits, inspections, assessments and reports can now be filled out on any Smartphone or Tablet including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows enabled mobile devices.
Safety professionals therefore no longer need to rely on cumbersome and sometimes illegible paper forms. Instead, safety forms are completed on an app, which develops a PDF that can be branded and emailed to the customer, supervisor or whomever the user designates. The forms can also be downloaded into excel, searched online and plugged into applications like QuickBooks and QuickBase. The apps can even capture a users GPS location and photos can be added to any report.

"Health and Safety is a challenging environment and complying with legislation is critical," according to Ciaran Reid, managing director, Ciaran Reid Safety Ltd. "The allocation of revenue towards health and safety compliance can be a difficult choice for management, especially in these challenging times. We are a very small business and have been developing our paper-based forms for many years now. We are really pleased to team up with Canvas to make our traditional paper safety forms available as mobile apps for businesses and organisations. Not only will the new safety apps help to save money, time and allow for more accurate reporting, they will help to save lives and create some much needed jobs here in Ireland in the coming years.

The concept of using one's smartphone or tablet to do paperwork is new in Ireland and people are more used to using these devices to access email, the web, make calls or text. Safety professionals can now visit our own Ciaran Reid Safety Ltd. app store and source apps for Accident reports, First Aid reports, Generic Health and Safety checklists, an Audit for Health and Safety Risk Assessment, a Premises Safety Inspection checklist and even a Drivers Daily Vehicle Safety checklist," added Ciaran Reid, managing director, Ciaran Reid Safety Ltd.

The safety apps are free to download for a 30 day trial and can then be purchased on a pay as you go term for as little as €0.37 per form per mobile user, or €15 per month for an unlimited number of form submissions per mobile user. There is also an annual package available for €156 that gives 12 months of unlimited form submissions per mobile user. Many users across the globe from a diverse range of industries have already signed up for the 30 day trial in the past few years since the apps became available online.

"Our association with Ciaran Reid Safety Ltd. reflects a growing movement towards mobile solutions replacing traditional paper forms," said Michael Benedict, VP, App Store, Canvas. "We are essentially doing for paper forms what the iPod has done for analog music. Working with Ciaran Reid Safety Ltd.  Consulting is also a terrific example of a transatlantic business relationship built entirely using online communication tools, and one that opens up our businesses to a global audience. It is also a great story of entrepreneurship and innovation in Ireland where an independent businessman has taken his years of expertise in safety and initiated a transatlantic business association for the benefit of his own business, other businesses and the Irish economy."

The Ciaran Reid Safety Ltd. app store in association with Canvas can be found here

Notes to editor

A recent business survey conducted in the US showed that more than three-quarters of small-business owners - 78% say mobile apps are saving them significant time each week. Their estimates of the weekly savings came to an average of 5.6 hours. They are also saving employee time.  They also save in a company’s annual spend on paper which can be a significant cost and more importantly help the environment with the reduction of paper used be the company.

In Ireland, apps are being used more and as they become easier to use, deploy and customise, while meeting the financial needs of businesses and organisations. We are likely to see new trends emerging here as businesses and organisations engage more with apps and look for new technology solutions across many sectors in order to save time and money.

About Ciaran Reid Safety Ltd.

Ciaran Reid Safety Limited offers the complete solution to your organisations training requirements.  Drawing from a vast resource of experience and size we can provide a range of training courses tailored to suit your company needs.  We provide not only a total solution to your training needs but also the expertise.

Ciaran Reid Safety Limited was founded in 2007 by Ciaran Reid a member of the Irish Institute of Training & Development and also a member of the Irish Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management as a specialist Health & Safety Consultancy and has grown rapidly ever since due to excellent word of mouth advertising. We attribute our continued success and growth to excellent customer satisfaction and referrals. 

With today’s ever changing Health & Safety legislation companies find it hard to keep up to date with latest developments and that is were we can provide assistance to its clients in this regard.

We believe in developing close working relationship with each of our clients in order to gain a complete understanding of their operations and requirements. 

Our company only uses competent instructors and consultants to ensure that the client's needs are always catered for.  We also understand that there is an enormous monetary constraint on companies in these difficult times to abide by their legal Health & Safety Management Duties and are sympathetic to this as you will see by our competitive prices.

By choosing Ciaran Reid Safety Limited together we will ensure the continued success and well-being of your organisation.  Please contact us today for a free assessment of your companies Health & Safety Management System.

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